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Friday Forum #7

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We were extremely excited this week to have Andrew Mackenzie come into our Edinburgh studios as part of our Friday Forum series.

Andrew Mackenzie is a Scottish painter and printmaker. He graduated with an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art in 1993, and lives and works in the Scottish Borders. His work has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and is represented in many collections. He is currently president of Visual Arts Scotland.

"I’ll provide some background to my work as an artist, and discuss my brand new body of work, Temporary Structures, which forms my forthcoming exhibition in London. These paintings and drawings, made over the past two years, take as their starting point the landscape around where I live. I have deliberately restricted myself to places within easy walking reach, or places and objects encountered on the way through the woods between my house and the studio. They show temporary geometric interventions in the landscape - abstracted from underlying forms, buildings and structures witnessed directly – set within, or on top of, layered multi-perspective treescapes. They allude to the fact that the landscape has been constructed, layered and arranged over many generations according to various practical requirements, and offer a consideration of various relationships –both physical and philosophical – between human constructs and our perceptions of ‘nature’. One doesn’t have to travel far to uncover remarkable places. The familiar is transformative - it depends on how you see it, and how closely you pay attention.” – Andrew Mackenzie

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