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Kettle Collective Opens Office in Oman

Kettle Collective is excited to announce the opening of our new office in Oman, in partnership with Muamir Design and Engineering Consultancy. Our team will collaborate with Muamir Al Hasny, as Country Director, Oman.

Colin Bone, Managing Director of Kettle Collective said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for Kettle Collective, to grow roots in Oman through our partner company Muamir Design and Engineering Consultancy. We have worked on a number of prestigious projects with Muamir in Oman previously, and we can't wait to develop our portfolio in this country further."

Muamir Al Hasny, Country Director, Oman said: "I am really looking forward to further developing Kettle Collective's world class international design in Oman. Our teams are looking forward to coming together and collaborating on many more projects."

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