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Royal Scottish Academy Exhibition 2017

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The RSA Architecture Open 2017 is part of the 191st Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition, and it is hosted at the National Gallery of Scotland between the 1st of April - 7th of May 2017. This section of the exhibition is dedicated to contemporary architectural work, designed by leading architects from Scotland and abroad, and carefully selected by John McAslan, the Deputy Convenor of the RSA Exhibition.

Kettle Collective is honoured to have been selected to display a model of The Piers project at the RSA Architecture Open 2017. The Piers is a residential project located over The Wave peninsula in Oman. The design features two diverging buildings and a pair of luxurious villas, which extend over the water on discrete columns. The façade reflects the dynamic layout of the building, showing the mix of standard and duplex apartments. The project has been awarded with the Best Future Residential Building Design at the Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets in 2015.

The model is made through a combination of 3D printing and laser cutting technology. The building is a compilation of stacked PVL floor plates, developed using 3D software’s, Sketchup and Cura. The base of the model resembles a puzzle, pieced together to create a variety of levels, surfaces and textures. Black matte and glossy black acrylic are used interchangeably, reflecting the form of the building. The final touch are the LED’s, carefully installed within the translucent cores of the building allowing light to emphasize the dynamic frames and intricate pattern of the Mashrabiya covering the central lobby.

To find out more about The Piers visit the project page here.

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