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School group tour The Falkirk Millennium Wheel with Tony Kettle

The Falkirk Millennium Wheel School Visit with Tony Kettle

Form 8 pupils from The Compass School in Haddington were, this week, treated to a tour of The Falkirk Millennium Wheel in Central Scotland by Tony Kettle, Architect of the iconic landmark. During their visit, the group went to the Visitor Centre and took a 50 minute boat trip on the wheel. Tony aimed to inform the pupils about the design, history and construction of the centenary project which was commissioned by Waterways Scotland and opened in 2002. To help pupils understand the basic mechanics of the wheel each, child was given a kit of lego parts allowing them to build their own. While on the boat trip, Tony had to correct the official tour guide about the inspiration of the design of the wheel, much to the amusement of the rest of the party. The official tour guide admitted he had been telling visitors the wrong story for 12 years, but said he came to work each day with a huge smile on his face because of the work of Tony Kettle. The students kindly wrote to the Kettle Collective directors to thank them for the trip: “The design of the Wheel was unbelievable.” Grace “I loved the whole thing and all of the great stories about the opening of it.” Harry B “I really liked the design and the way the boats don’t tip, I also like the way it turns by only turning 2 wheels and the other 3 are static.” Myles “Thank you very much for the lego Falkirk Wheel, it was a challenge but I managed to do it…and now it is sitting proudly on my bedside table.” Harry W


School Group make The Falkirk Millennium Wheel from Lego

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