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Welcome to our newest team member, Ethan


We are excited to welcome Ethan to our Edinburgh studio. Here he tells us a bit more about himself.

Why did you choose to study architecture?

I have always had a love for stories in whatever form I could find them, be it books, film, music, or design. I was very interested in the way architecture could tell a story through its design, and the thought of being a part of that design process drew me in. The idea of telling a story through something that left such a physical impact on our environment truly excited me. These feelings along with encouragement from my family are what lead to me studying architecture.

What architect do you most admire?

I most admire the Indian architect Charles Correa for his approach to context oriented design that really tells the story of its location through its response to local climate, culture, history and social issues surrounding the site. I believe Correa can be seen as a leading architect in developing the modern Indian architectural Identity as we know it today. His work in his home country tells the story of the newly independent India stepping forth into the modern world while still maintaining an awareness of traditional Indian design and techniques.

What is your favourite building?

I really appreciate the Alexandra Road Estate in London. Originally a social housing proposal, it took the concept of the tower blocks that were becoming common in the city and turned it on its side creating a long road of stepped low rise apartments. The compact apartments that all face in towards the long road create a real sense of community and the impact these buildings have had can be seen by their A listed building status that places them just one rank below Buckingham palace.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of my time with friends, going out or relaxing. I usually use the time I spend alone to take in stories by listening to music, watching films or reading. I also enjoy cooking for myself and for friends.

What was the most valuable thing you learnt from your university course?

In university, especially in studying architecture I feel I have learnt to question everything. I feel that studying design rewires your mind to always ask why. Whether it be when passing an interesting building on the street and wondering why design choices were made or studying the design of the menu in a new restaurant and wondering why certain colours or fonts were chosen. I think this way of thinking, or rather overthinking, is the most useful thing I have learnt from my course as it has changed the way I see the world and my environment.

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